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 Suburban Jitters is a science media production house located in Brisbane Australia.
We focus on modernising science communication through video and social media. Let us help your work get the attention it deserves.


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Passion projects:

March 2022: 

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology surrounds us, yet many people don't understand what it actually is. Biotech is a passion

shared by both Ben and Jack, with seemingly endless possibilities and applications.

September 2021: 

Why Video for Science?

The pursuit of science (Latin scientia → knowledge) has produced most of humanity’s greatest achievements. This unrelenting quest for new information will continue to help humanity grow to unparalleled heights. In today’s digital world however, communicating science to the public has become just as important as the knowledge we uncover. Thus, the inspiration for this video was formed.

December 2019: 

Is Australia Sustainable?

This is the project that inspired us to try make science media a full time gig. 

We took a look at one of the most in-depth sustainability reports of 2019

published by the United Nations.

July 2018: 

Mauna Kea - The Hardest Climb in the World?

This film was a long time in the making, filmed entirely on an Essential PH-1 smartphone and Nikon D7500.

It follows an englishman, kiwi, and 2 aussies, long past their youth, up a volcano on nothing but roadbikes.

I rewatch this film occasionally and everytime I'm reminded of how raw the footage was, perfectly capturing the magnitude of the ride and its landscape. I would love to return one day. 

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